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Hi, I’m Amy from the Philippines! Welcome to my blog!

My dream is honestly to write a  book about my life experiences but I feel that I do not have time for that yet. I created this blog instead. The plan is to share healthy recipes based on my diet restrictions, tips for new moms, and some bible verses, thus the site is named Bits and Pieces of Everything. But with the reception of the readers on my first blog post: How Moving On Healed Me (read it here), the purpose of this site became a bit clearer.

In this blog, I share my experiences and learnings. In this blog, I let you in my head and my heart. In this blog, I let you hold my hand and let you see life as how I see it. In this blog, you walk with me as I move on with this life. In this blog, the Lord is glorified.

So as an introduction, I am again Amy. I am  a mother to an adorable little boy. I have a husband who I have not seen since April 2014. I am a kidney patient. I was diagnosed with FSGS or Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis on January 2014, a month after I gave birth. Because of this condition, I took several types of medicines including the steroids, which led me to weigh 60 pounds more. (Read the full story here) But by God’s grace, I am now in remission. I am a social development worker, a development communicator, and a lover of life.I am a firm believer of God’s almighty power and the wonders of prayer.

I also hope to share that this blog is my way of giving glory to God for all the bits and pieces He blessed me with, and expressing my gratitude to all the people around me for the love and support. So as part of my hope of spreading love, I am all ears should you need someone to talk to. Just drop me an email or leave your message request as a comment.

By the way, some of my posts are also on Thought Catalog. Visit me on Thought Catalog if you have time.

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