On Prayers and Answers

August 31, 2017
Amy Melissa Chua

It was probably November when I started praying for my situation to change. That was my specific prayer: Lord, I pray for my situation to change. By situation, I referred to my career in general. I did not have anything in mind that I wanted – whether I want a change in role, in company, or whatever – but I just want some things to change for the better, depending on what the Lord plans for me.

So I waited.

Months after, I was assigned as a project lead. With this role, I had the chance to travel to various places here and abroad. Also at that time, I received a call for a job position. When I started with this environment that is unfamiliar to me, I did not know what to expect but I thought: “This is the Lord’s answer to my prayer. I need not worry.” Now, here I am expanding my comfort zone.

Truly, the Lord is full of surprises! When you ask, He responds in ways you cannot even imagine.

But the previous weeks have been a challenge to my strength, faith, and even emotional stability. The work adjustments, my sometimes unstable health condition, my mommy problems, and now with my mother’s sickness — all happening at the same time, I see myself breaking down at times. Being positive, calm, and controlled become a struggle. During these times of struggle,  I remind myself:

“Even a strong person can never be strong enough because we always need God to fill us with enough strength that we need in every situation.”

Hardships never mean to break us. Hardships mean allowing the Lord to work in our lives, making room for us to be better versions of ourselves- to be of greater service to our Lord and to be an instrument of God’s undying love. These trying times further make us humble to think that without graces, we can do nothing.

So as I celebrate my birthday, I face the day and the days ahead with great joy as I realize that I am loved and that as long as I stay on the way of the Lord, I can never ever go wrong.

May you all be filled with love and blessings today and always.

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