At 16, I was warned of a broken marriage

October 13, 2016
warning of a broken marriage

We were in a middle of a green field, or a golf course. She said I looked entirely different. She just can’t describe clearly how but she recalled that my hair was too thin and seemed to be cut strangely, layered. She said she barely noticed it was me until I talked and I sounded familiar. Then a shiny black car parked and a good-looking man, wearing shades and an all black attire, came out. “Do you know him?”, my high school friend asked me. “Yes, we actually have a son,” I replied.

This is my high school friend’s dream that I kept in mind since she told me about it 15 years ago. She had a bad feeling about this so she wanted to give me a warning.  My classmate’s dreams, as she shared and as scary as it may seem, always come true. This dream bothered me at times; when I first had a boyfriend, and days before I got married. I wondered why I did not answer: Yes he is my husband? Why did I just say we have a son?

The answers to these were revealed to me in the past two years. This dream still gives me goosebumps whenever I relate it to my recent life experiences. First: that estate resembled the place where we shared our vows. Second: I did look entirely different and my hair became brittle when my kidney disease was at its worst condition. Lastly: my husband and I separated.

So now, I ask myself: “Is there really a plan for each of us? Are our lives mapped out?” But then I also wonder: Is it part of God’s plan that my life, my husband’s life, and our marriage, turned out the way they are now? That some people, even those who we sometimes think are too good to be true, change into the completely different, dark, and scary persons who turn other people’s lives around as if not caring at all?

I do not think anyone can ever know for sure the answers to these questions. But as before, I only share based on my experiences. So maybe, yes, there is really a plan for us. There may not be a specific plan or a life’s script but maybe, that beautiful plan, is salvation- that we will be saved and have a life in paradise if we simply believe in the Lord. Then, our experiences remind us that we have been blessed with something valuable that determines the course of life that we take — our free will, our ability to make decisions for ourselves. So maybe part of God’s plan is making us responsible for our actions and for living life as He did.

But with every thing that happened to me, I was made to confirm that  no matter what road we take, every thing always turns out beautifully if we allow Him to direct our paths. And in the same way, if we choose to disobey, there will be a price to pay and a punishment to face. In this story, we  also learn that in case we are given the opportunity to have a vision, a sign of what may happen- may it be a sign from the Lord or a deception of evil- there is one thing we need to do unceasingly to guard ourselves: PRAY.

This is again a testimony to remind us to keep our focus on God, no matter how difficult life and decisions may be. We may never know the end of all that we are going through, but I am sure that all the struggles and the pain will be worth it if we let God light our ways. Do not be afraid. He has great plans for you so depend on Him.

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  • Reply Mercy October 13, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    Amen to that!

    • Reply Amy October 13, 2016 at 5:56 pm

      Yes! Amen!

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